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Got a DUI on Christmas Eve of 2015. For some background info, it was my first offense, I refused the breathalyzer and blood alcohol tests but failed the roadside balance/eye twitch tests. I was super scared about how this arrest would affect my future as a new grad RN. Noah’s law office was one of the first I received a letter from, and being the holiday season it was hard to get ahold of many lawyers. I called him and he answered right away, set up a meeting for a few days later, and quoted me a very reasonable price. When it came to the court dates, the officers showed up and my case went to trial. Noah seemed to know exactly what to say to prove my innocence, and I was found not guilty. He also took care of my ADLRO hearing and I got my license back as soon as the trial was over. Noah got me through one of the worst times of my life and handled my case so professionally, it really put my mind at ease to have him on my side. 5 stars, would recommend him to family/friends (but also hope they’re never in my situation, lol)

– anonymous     

Cleared of DUI & ADLRO

This was my first DUI..not knowing the system, I wanted to hire an inexpensive attorney to help get me off, im a Realtor and this would have been devastating to my license and reputation. I shopped around the Central/Pearl city area for Attorneys online (Closer to the infraction and my home) and Noah Fiddler popped up as he has a Pearl City Office. To top it off he was the cheapest firm to hire! He was Great! He helped navigate both the court system and ADLRO division for me. He managed to have my DUI thrown out by coordinating me through the court hearings (or wait in the car lol) during the hearings to see if the Officers would show up…we managed to get through 3 court hearings (average reschedules on officer no shows) and finally got my case dismissed! Then he attended the ALDRO hearing for me (I didnt need to go) and I got my license back! Most people lose their license for a full year. Very Happy Camper here! If you need an attorney call Noah, he responds to every call/text even after hours and weekends. 5/5 stars! Thanks Noah!

– CHO     

Good service

Noah Fiddler was helpful in explaining what he would do for me in my case. He also explained what would happen if I was found guilty or if I my case got dismissed. He was also easy to contact when I had any questions that I had along the way.

– anonymous     


Well it was a lengthy process but it all worked out in the end. Noah provide sound advice and was very supportive throughout he case.

– anonymous     


After my DUI in December of 2015, I thought my life was over. Little did I know, that one phone call to Noah Fiddler would change all that and give me a better understanding of my situation. He was pretty much spot on with everything that he said would ensue. He gave me specific instructions on when to get my interlock installed and where to get the permit for it. Most importantly, his presence at my court hearings made the process even easier and smoother than I had hoped. His step-by-step instructions made this ordeal as simple as possible with minimal stress. On top of all that, he’s a nice guy and very proficient at what he does. I am forever thankful for his help because I know things would have been a lot worse without an attorney. So for anyone out there who finds themself arrested for DUI, Noah D. Fiddler is the man to call.

– Lionel     

Great lawyer

I hired Noah to represent me in court as my lawyer for my DUI case. He is very experienced and knowledgeable. He knew what was happening every step of the way. He was never too busy to talk to me and always called me back if i left a message. I highly recommend Noah Fiddler and i would use him again if the need arises.

– Matthew     

Highly Recommend

My son got a DUI and revoked license. I learned that Hawaii is perhaps the most strict state for this offense. After researching attorneys I hired Noah Fiddler who has over 30 years DUI and traffic experience. Noah is very professional and got he charges dismissed. Excellent attorney. I know of no words to express how grateful I am for his results. Highly recommend.

– James     

The Expungement Master

I was arrested for a DUI in downtown Waikiki in September of 2015. Thankfully I found Noah Fiddler, who helped guide me through the process of pleading “not guilty,” and then helping me through a 9-month long legal process which I would have been completely inept to handle myself if it hadn’t been for him spear-heading everything for me. In short, he got the DUI charges dismissed, my arrest is being expunged, and I now maintain my clear record as though it had never happened. Thank you, Mr. Noah Fiddler!

– Stephen     

Best lawyer

After doing a couple days of research online, I decided to hire Noah because of his excellent record and also because he and his wife were extremely helpful over the phone. I met him at the courthouse for the first time and he made me feel confident about my chances right away! His prices were very reasonable for his level of expertise! I was a nervous wreck about possibly losing my license over what I thought were ridiculous traffic offenses, one of them being a DUI. I was NOT intoxicated! Noah not only got all of my charges dismissed, they were dismissed WITH prejudice, meaning the state cannot and will not re-issue any tickets, AND I received my full bond money back!! I would, and certainly will , recommend Mr. Fiddler to anyone needing a lawyer with his specialty! I am VERY pleased! Don’t make the mistake of hiring the wrong attorney, as there are too many out there who do NOT know what they are doing! I watched how the others worked while sitting in the courtroom, and thanked my lucky stars I went with my instinct and hired Mr. Fiddler! Very happy!

– Ben     

Grade A Lawyer

After getting a DUI I was contacted by Noah and we met up to discuss my case. After reviewing my case details he assured to me that I have a really good chance at getting this case dismissed. A few months later, my charges were dropped and I am getting my license back in a week. All thanks to Noah

– anonymous     


My case ended up dragging out for what seemed like forever, but Noah Fiddler remained resilient. A huge success. He is a great lawyer at a reasonable price. Don’t get to nervous when he does not show up to the court house until last minute…he always made it on time and fully prepared.

– Jamie     

DUI lawyer

Noah Fiddler helped me with my DUI case, and by helped I mean he knew what was gonna happen with the case and had the foresight and knowledge to make each move when it was needed. For a nominal retainer fee I certainly got more than expected with updates to case, date reminders and plenty of information, I would recommend him as readily as he was recommended to me.

– Dana     

Noah Fiddler

Noah Fiddler is a phenomenal lawyer. He stays in contact, reaches back as soon as possible if he doesn’t answer, more then likely with clients or driving. Very professional also great person overall. He is always on time to any my court dates or meeting you have scheduled with him. His cost as a lawyer is also reasonable. Always prepared, knowledgeable. He got my DUI case dismissed, he was straight to the point, no beating around the bush. HIGHLY recommended to anyone!

– Keoki     

Noah Was Great!

Noah was My attourney for my DUI case. He was on time and kept me informed evey step of the way. I hope I never need him agai ???? but if i do ill give him a call and reffer him to anyone that may need his services.

– anonymous     

Noah fiddler

Noah Fiddler was excellent. He not only helped me but he is smart and experienced. He’s prepared and made sure I was as well. He kept me calm when this was one of the stressful things I have experienced.
I thank him and highly recommend him

– Chris    

Very experienced and seasoned DUI Lawyer

I’m 110% satisfied with my experience with Mr. Fiddler and his office. Very knowledgeable with DUO’S and also very affordable. I had my first DUI and knew nothing what was come next, but he guided me throughout the whole process and kept me informed of every move. He has a sweet secretary that will always call you to remind you of any special date that you need to attend if he is unable to call/text you. He was able to get my case dismissed and also get my license back in a prompt fashion. I would recommend him to anyone that needs a lawyer ASAP or need a “go to” lawyer.

– carlos     

Leave it to Noah and his decades of experience

After consulting with two other firms regarding a DUI case, I finally settled with Noah Fiddler. My interaction with the other firms left me thinking that my conversation with them were more of a sales talk on their part and they described the situation more confusing, scary, and without hope except with their assistance. Noah was a little more straightforward, not a salesman at all, and assured me he would take care of everything. HIs decades of experience in the field surely does not require him to indulge in sales pitches. Experience matter, it prove well in my case!

That being said, his maneuverings in the court, his keen ability to sense the temperament of the judges, and filing motions at the right time, all helped in my case being dismissed.

– anonymous    

Best Lawyer

When I lived in Hawaii for a year, I got a ticket just becaude I was the owner of the car. I had to go back to California for my job, so I hired Noah in the last minute. He gave me the peace of mind by handling my case professionally. He was able to get my case dismissed at the hearing. He provided quality work with reasonable fee. Not only is he the best lawyer, but a human being with good heart!

– Clara     

noah fiddler

Noah Fiddler is by far the most professional lawyer i have ever worked with. He is very knowledgable and knows his craft. He handled everything, I did not have to worry when it came to my case. His assistant, that calls you and reminds you of your court dates etc,., is just the sweetest lady you would want to talk to. My case is over (which we won by the way) and he is still available for any questions that i have. He worked with me and did not rob me when it came to my payment. I would recommend Noah Fiddler to any one anytime. He knows his craft and his staff is awesome. i only whish the rating on here could go higher.

– greg     

Great Lawyer

Noah Fiddler is a great Lawyer in my opinion. He was able to get my case dropped but also was available to answer my questions. Obviously to a regular person, there is a lot of confusion during this process and Noah was able to make me understand everything. He was great on telling me what to do and what not to do because he was very knowledgeable of he law.

– Colton     

Stands out from the rest

Mr. Fiddler is truly a representative that stands out from the rest. Prior to consulting with him, I attempted to seek council from three other lawyers. I began to get the impression that all lawyers were simply out to make as much money as time could possibly allow. However, I was immediately impressed with the time and concern that Mr. Fiddler contributed to my situation. Thanks to his assistance, my driving privileges are still current and he is currently attempting to resolve my matter with the latest case laws supporting my situation.

For these reasons, I wholeheartedly recommend giving him a call to see how he can support you with your case.

– Dan Hernandez     


Mr. Fiddler is truly a representative that stands out from the rest. Prior to consulting with him, I attempted to seek council from three other lawyers. I began to get the impression that all lawyers were simply out to make as much money as time could possibly allow. However, I was immediately impressed with the time and concern that he Mr. Fiddler contributed to my situation. Thanks to his assistance, my driving privileges are still current and he is currently attempting to resolve my matter with the latest case laws supporting my situatio

– Dan     

Great Attorney!

Mr. Fiddler helped me through this tough time. I didn’t know what to do. I am still in shock but he really made this process a lot smoother. Thank you for your guidance and professionalism.

– anonymous     

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