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Honolulu Speeding and Traffic Ticket Attorney

The rules of the road are there for a reason. They keep you safe, they protect your family, they ensure that everyone respects everyone else. However, as with all rules, they can be bent or broken by officers who give out unwarranted tickets, who don’t consider the details of each case carefully or who are simply trying to meet a quota.

If you have been the victim of an unfair speeding ticket, it’s time for you to get help. In addition to large fines and a mark on your record, a speeding ticket looks back to your family and your employer. In some cases, this can have severely negative consequences for you. It’s important that you therefore do all you can to get the ticket reversed, which is where the Law Offices of Noah Fiddler come in.

Help from a Honolulu Traffic Offense Attorney

If you’re looking for a Honolulu speeding ticket attorney, you’ve come to the right place. Noah has more than 35 years of experience defending recipients of unfair tickets, and in that time he has amassed a wealth of knowledge to help you in your pursuit of a good outcome. Some factors to consider include:

  • Where you were driving when you earned a speeding ticket
  • What the absolute and presumed speed limits were
  • What method of speed collection the officer used
  • How they handed out the ticket and documented the evidence
  • What the driving conditions of the road are
  • Whether you were driving a safe speed to keep up with the rest of traffic, when going much slower might be dangerous

These are just a few of the factors Noah Fiddler will consider in zealously defending your case. If you have any chance of getting your speeding ticket overturned and your record cleared, Noah can help you do it.

Get in Speeding Ticket Help Today

Speeding tickets might not seem like a very big deal. They come with smaller fines and reduced consequences compared to DUI charges, for instance, and you might be tempted simply to accept your fate and walk away. However, leaving a ticket on your record can reflect poorly on you later if you are facing more speeding charges or another traffic violation, so it’s very important that you deal with the ticket today.

Call the Law Offices of Noah Fiddler to learn more about getting a consultation and clearing the ticket from your record. There’s no time like the present to safeguard your reputation, so don’t wait to get in touch.

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